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Tower Crane Photograph
Analysis Model

Tower Crane Footing Design

Large projects often require tower cranes to help bring a project to fruition.  A well-designed tower crane foundation is necessary to ensure project safety during construction.  We are well-versed in designing for the different, often proprietary, steel-fabricated anchors and specific embedment requirements necessary based on crane manufacturer and model.

Tower crane footings may be:

  • Standalone tower crane footings, where the footing of the tower crane is adjacent to the structure and is not incorporated into the final building foundations.  This can be effective in U-shaped, or L-shaped buildings, where the ability of the crane to reach the far extents of the project are not impeded by being outside the building footprint.

  • Integral tower crane footings can often be located centrally and cast as part of the building foundations.  This maximizes the ability of the tower crane to service the far extents of a project easily while maximizing the crane's load capacity.  This approach can be an efficient use of material in the long run.   The analysis of integral footings requires finished building design loads to be considered in the design of the crane footing.

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