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Photo of the exterior of the Tacoma Art Museum with the expansion in the foreground
Photo of the exterior wall with art installation at the Tacoma Art Museum expansion
Photo focusing on the exterior wall art installation at the Tacoma Art Museum expansion
Photo showing an elevation of the elevated expansion floor with full-height windows

Tacoma Art Expansion Exterior Cladding

Tacoma, Washington

BSE's role on the Tacoma Art Museum Benaroya Wing Expansion was to design deferred elements of the exterior envelope, interior non-load bearing stud walls, and interior ballasted mobile partitions.  All of these elements require significant coordination with the building architect, structural engineer of record, and other disciplines to make the aesthetic become a reality.

Unique to this project, multiple free-standing mobile art walls were required for temporary art installations and could not be supported with permanent anchorage to main structure. This design was accomplished by using ballast to ensure sufficient weight to prevent overturning of the wall under reasonable conditions.  To meet project requirements, the ballast and ballast access must be hidden at all times, requiring access via the top of the wall cavity for installation and removal.


Tacoma Art Museum


Olson Kundig


JTM Construction

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