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Photo showing the front façade of Skagit Radiology
Photo showing the front of Skagit Radiology from the parking
Photo of the signage for the Skagit Radiology building
Photo highlighting the architectural finishes along the front of the Skagit Radiology building
Photo showing the metal panel finishes for the back building envelope

Skagit Radiology

Mount Vernon, Washington

The Skagit Imaging Pavilion serves patients throughout the Skagit Valley community with dedicated MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammography and biopsy services.

Extensive feasibility and cost studies for nine potential design solutions ensured the maximum owner value for investment on this project.

Sensitive testing and diagnostic equipment throughout the building required vibration mitigation from the surroundings, particularly motor traffic on surrounding roads.  The MRI suite required structural and magnetic isolation from the rest of the structure.


Skagit Radiology, LLC


Helix Design Group


Trico Co.


Square Footage:  8,000 sq. ft.

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