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Wall Mounted Sign and Artwork
Building Sign extending from wall
Fuel Canopy Sign
Building sign attached to parapet

Sign Support Design

BSE is ready to support your business and get your name out there by designing your sign support.

We have experience in many different types of signs:

- Freestanding Cantilever Signs

- Building Signage

  • Face-Mounted to Exterior Wall

  • Perpendicular Oriented to Exterior Wall

  • "Floating" above a parapet

  • Artwork Elements of different types

Each type of installation requires consideration of loads and careful attention must be paid in the attachments to the main structure.  The most common approaches use reinforced concrete foundations for free-standing signs, structural steel or cold-formed metal stud are often used for attachment off to main structure.  Connection-only design for proprietary systems is also an option.


We have the right mix of expertise in all facets necessary to come up with a cost-effective and constructible solution for your project.

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