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Queen Anne Townhomes

Seattle, Washington

Nestled in the North Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, the Queen Anne Townhomes fits perfectly into this vibrant locale. This neighborhood, celebrated for its blend of urban living and natural splendor, offers residents multiple walking and biking trails nearby and provides a unique experience. Situated on the north side of Queen Anne Hill, the building enjoys elevated views that overlook the picturesque Lake Washington Ship Canal to the North.

The Queen Anne Townhomes is comprised of six individual units standing four stories tall of wood-framed construction. Boasting just under 2,000 square feet of space in each unit, the ground level is dedicated to garage space, while the upper four floors provide a captivating blend of enclosed and outdoor living areas. The rooftop is intentionally considered in the design to offer each unit outdoor landscaped areas, enhancing the overall living experience.  A permanent soldier pile retaining wall was designed and constructed to stabilize the uphill properties for the lowest level for a variety of environmental loads, including earthquake forces.

The architectural design of the exterior is characterized by vibrant colors and a dynamic interplay of materials. Horizontal siding mixed with siding panels of solid color draw the eye to the building's unique aesthetic, contributing to the charm of the North Queen Anne neighborhood. Large windows facing the North are strategically incorporated within each unit to offer breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty, including the water.


Private Developer


Magellan Architects


ATop Development, LLC


Square Footage: 11,300 sq ft Total

Number of Units:  (6)

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