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Main Entrance
Architectural Rendering of Main Entrance
Complex Site Conditions
So Close to the City
Architectural Accents
Shaded rendering of the main entry and loading area at Harbor Self Storage
Near the Port

SecureSpace Self Storage West Seattle

West Seattle, Washington

The SecureSpace Self-Storage Facility  in West Seattle is an impressive 128,000 square feet, strategically located just south of the picturesque Alki Beach. The facility integrates seamlessly with its surroundings as a commercial development with its close proximity to both the City of Seattle and the Port of Seattle.  From the site, you can see both the Seattle skyline and the container cranes at the Port of Seattle.

The design process required addressing multiple challenges before it even got out of the ground.  These included soft soils that required coordination of foundations with ground improvement measures specified with the geotechnical engineer.  Additionally, BSE was responsible for the design of  a temporary tie-back soldier pile retaining wall to facilitate construction alongside the roadway.

This structure has three stories above-grade and one basement level below-grade.  The areas below grade employ concrete basement walls, with concrete masonry unit (CMU) perimeter walls above grade.  The interior of the structure is supported with interior load-bearing cold-formed steel walls that serve as the gravity and lateral load paths.  The floors are concrete-topped metal decks, while the roof is metal deck without concrete topping.


The exterior includes multiple complementary colors and textures, including:  solid metal panels of various colors, horizontal and vertical profiled metal panels, and exposed masonry. Exposed steel canopies at doorways and windows enhance the building's aesthetic appeal. To accommodate the natural terrain of the site, the site design integrates concrete planters and retaining walls, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.


LCG2SS Harbor Storage LLC


Jackson Main Architecture


Sea Con LLC


128,000 sq. ft

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