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Photo showing both parking garages and the parkway toward the main entrance at the Emerald Queen Cas
Exterior photo showing the north side of the south garage at Emerald Queen Casino in Fife
Exterior photo of the south garage from the roof of the north garage at Emerald Queen Casino in Fife
Ground level photo showing the elevator access core for the north garage Emerald Queen Casino in Fif
Exterior photo of the north garage, highlighting the elevator core and end concrete moment frames at

Emerald Queen Casino Fife Parking Garages

Fife, Washington

Paul Brienen was the Engineer of Record on this pair of sister garages separated by a feature parkway.  The garages were an integral part of a plan for a new feature entrance to the Emerald Queen Casino facility in Fife.


The owner had two priorities for this project: to streamline the project schedule, and to ensure patron safety in the parking areas. These objectives were accomplished with efficient structural design and informed architectural elements, paired with close coordination with the construction team to troubleshoot field conditions.  Long-span elements were used to reduce visual obstructions for safety, and the use of high quality lighting and strategic painting of the garage interiors added nighttime visibility.


The vertical load resisting system consists of post-tensioned concrete beams with one-way post-tensioned concrete floors and concrete columns.  Lateral loads are resisted by perimeter special concrete moment frames. 


Elevator access is provided by stand-alone CMU cores whose design and coordination took place during construction of the garages, further streamlining the project completion.


Puyallup Tribe of Indians


Merritt Architecture


AECON Group, Inc.


Twin 1000 stall garages

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