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Atrium Space Feature Wall
Complex Metal Stud Model
Occulus Photo 1
Occulus Photo 1

Cold-Formed Steel 
(Metal Stud) Design

Cold-formed steel (metal stud) design has been an important part of our ability to support contractors on deferred submittals for large projects and to support tenant improvement (TI) projects.

Our work on metal studs includes:
- Interior Non-Load Bearing Wall Design

- Exterior Non-Load Bearing Wall Design

- Elevator Shaftwall Design

- Ceiling and Soffit Design

- Load Bearing CFS Wall Design

- 3D Modeling for Clash Detection

All cold-formed steel walls need to be designed for the appropriate wind and seismic forces and deflections for the location and applied finishes.  Wall openings require specific attention for jamb, header and sill designs apart from the bulk wall designs.

Some projects, particularly public projects with significant complexity, require a three-dimensional computer model with a high level of development (LOD).  The most common driving factor to develop a model to a high LOD is to perform "clash detection" with elements of other trades' models.  We are capable of developing a model to any LOD required for your project.

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