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Aerial view rendering of new addition
Aerial view rendering of new courtyard
Sidewalk view of new courtyard
Interior rendering of Shared Activity area

Renderings by McGranahan Architects

Used with Permission

Redmond Middle School Addition

Redmond, Washington

Lake Washington School District is the second-largest district, and one of the fastest-growing, in the State of Washington.  To support this growth, Redmond Middle School Addition will provide eight new classrooms, including two new science classrooms, in a two-story steel structure nestled into the existing classroom wing.

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Public work, particularly work on schools, always has focus on project costs and schedule.  BSE successfully managed adjustments to the design schedule to constrain project costs and to accommodate a schedule for construction during the summer of 2023.

The design makes use of a similar system to the existing classroom wing:  a steel  frame system with a collection of steel braced frames for wind and seismic forces.  Careful consideration has been required to coordinate elements that interface with the existing building, including site constraints and seismic gaps between the existing and new structures.


Lake Washington School District


McGranahan Architects




Educational: 13,600 sq. ft

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