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Aerial View of New Addition
Street Level view of new school Addition
New Courtyard View

Redmond Middle School Addition

Redmond, Washington

Lake Washington School District is the second-largest district, and one of the fastest-growing, in the State of Washington.  To support this growth, Redmond Middle School Addition will provide eight new classrooms, including two new science classrooms, in a two-story steel structure nestled into the existing classroom wing.

The addition is currently in the design phase as we work alongside the ....

[ need to update this part! ] 

The construction will be steel braced frame structure for similarity to the existing lateral frame structure of the existing classroom wing.  Careful consideration is required to coordinate all elements that interface with the existing building due to challenging site conditions and allowance of a seismic gap between the old and new structures.



Lake Washington School District


McGranahan Architects




Educational: 15,500 sq. ft

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